Patient Interview Information

The GASTROS Study is undertaking a series of interviews with patients who have undergone surgery for gastric cancer. By listening to their experiences, we aim to identify the most important information and aspects of treatment (outcomes) that should be described by research studies in future.

Research studies do not always report information (outcomes) which are relevant to patients. For example, patients may want to understand how surgery will impact on their ‘quality of life’, but we know from our research that this is reported by very few studies. If you are a patient who has undergone surgery for gastric cancer (or you know someone who has) and you are willing to be interviewed about your experiences, please read our detailed ‘Participant Information Sheet‘ before contacting us on 0161 701 3543 or email with the subject ‘GASTROS Patient Interviews’.

Participant Information Sheet

The participant information sheet contains detailed information about what is involved for you and answers practical questions such as timings and travel expenses. Please click on this link PDF icon to download the file.