Complete the eDelphi Survey

Round 1 of the international GASTROS Delphi survey is now closed. 

We are developing a core outcome set for gastric cancer surgery trials. We are asking surgeons, cancer nurses and patients from around the world to tell us which outcomes are most important to them through an online survey. The first round of the Delphi survey closed on the 31st of May 2019. The team are currently analysing the results from round 1 in preparation the second and final Delphi survey round in a few weeks time.

Participant Information Sheets
English English | Participant information sheet
Dutch Nederlands | Deelnemersinformatieblad
Italian Italiano | Foglio Informativo per i partecipanti
German Deutsche | Teilnehmer Information
Chinese 中文 | 参与者信息页
Spanish Español | Información del participante
Portuguese Português | Informação do participante
Turkish Türkçe | Katılımcı Bilgilendirme Sayfası
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